R&D center

Research Institute

We will consider the quality of our products as our top priority.

Our research center aims to prevent consumer complaints at the work site, increases the life span of oil products, and protects work environment by developing new products using the latest technology or making the best oil product for machining metal workpiece.

We are also doing our best to provide our accumulated know-how of our R&D lab. for prompt handling of customer complaints and selection and application of oils that are optimal for your work process.

In order to develop more advanced products in the future, we make every effort to encourage our researchers to continue R&D with up-to-date facilities.

Major research and development results

  • Result 1

    Development and localization of cutting oils for punching aluminum fins of heat exchanger for air conditioner
  • Result 2

    Development and application of eco-friendly water-soluble grinding oil for bearing
  • Result 3

    Development and application of high performance machining oil (non-water soluble cutting oil) for CNC automatic lathe
  • Result 4

    Development of oil for drawing cans of secondary battery
  • Result 5

    Development of machining oil for metal case of smart phone

Major Development Tasks

  • Cutting oil

    - Development of dechlorination type cutting oil, extension of lifespan of water-soluble oils, development of eco-friendly cutting oils

  • Plastic processing oil
    special lubricants

    - improvement of extreme pressure performance of lubricant, development of oils for special processes.

  • Rust prevention oil

    - Improvement of rust prevention performance and degreasing performance.

  • Cleaner

    - Maximization of low foaming and degreasing effects

  • Heat treatment oil

    - Diversification of water soluble heat treatment oils, Improvement of thermal stability and oxidation resistance