Management philosophy

DH CHEMICAL CO., LTD. which celebrated the 40th anniversary in 2014 has introduced a new management philosophy of "Bright spirit, Go-ahead spirit, and Righteous spirit", thereby clearly expresses the qualification and ethical consciousness of the employees who will lead the future.

DH CHEMICAL CO., LTD. goes forward to the bright future based on this philosophy.

Bright spirit

Strengthening the core capability through positive and creative thinking

This is a spirit to make a vibrant company which always creates new values with the employees who plan the future development with professionalism and business ability and positive and creative thinking and enthusiasm for excellence.

Go-ahead spirit

Gaining competitiveness with progressive and pioneering spirit

This spirit expresses a strong will to become a world renowned company by gaining a competitive edge based on the winning spirit in the rapidly changing and competitive world and breaking the frame of stereotypes and pursuing the change with the new mind.

Righteous spirit

Creating and impressing the customers through compliance with the company ethics

This spirit expresses that the company can grow only when the company can give a solid trust and impression to its customers through quality and responsible management based on morality and ethics and employees should always do their jobs with clean and honest consciousness and succeeds this as a beautiful tradition.

Quality management policy

Our company has been specialized in the manufacture of metal processing oils since its establishment in Aug. 1975. Based on the accumulated expertise and experiences, we are doing our best to provide our customers with the best quality products at right time. Through continuous R & D and quality control activities, we always try to develop reliable and creative products to meet the diverse needs of our customers. As a result of these efforts, we are awarded KS mark certifications from Korea Standard Association such as KS M 2173 (cutting oil) in 1985, and KS M2126 (machine oil), KS M 2127 (gear oil) and KS M 2129 in 2002.

We are in the middle of the infinite competition era due to the rapid changes by trade liberalization in recent years. Therefore quality competitiveness guarantees the survival and prosperity in this world. So, we will continue to commit ourselves to achieving the goals of the company by establishing a quality management system in accordance with the quality management system requirements of KS Q ISO 9001 / ISO 9001 and by doing our best to manage and improve the management system.

Environmental management policy

In order to achieve our environmental policy, we have established an environmental management system that complies with the requirements of KS I ISO 14001 and try to continue to implement, maintain and improve it. The head of the applicable department establishes the environmental goals and targets for realizing the environmental policy and also establish and implement the environmental management promotion plan in order to achieve it. All management and employees of the company are actively involved in the realization of the environmental policy.