• Dec. 2022

    The 59th. Awarded a 10 million dollar Export Tower on Trade Day

  • Nov. 2022

    Supply contract of 3 billion Engine Oils with Trade Oil Company

  • Oct. 2022

    KS Q ISO 45001 Certification

  • Nov. 2021

    Produced marine engine oil for GOM by OEM process

  • Oct. 2021

    Signed an annual supply contract for marine engine oil with KCG(Korea Coast Guard)

  • July. 2021

    Produced marine hydraulic oil for GOM by ODM process

  • May. 2021

    Signed a Blending and Filling contract with GOM (Gulf Oil Marine)


  • Jan. 2019

    Supply contract of 13 billion lube oil with
    bp Korea(Castrol)

  • July. 2018

    E-Mart engine oil OEM production

  • May. 2018

    Acquired Ulsan Plant (2nd plant) (formerly Aspac Oil Co., Ltd.)
    BP KOREA (Castrol) Engine oil OEM production

  • Dec. 2017

    The 54th. Awarded a 5 million dollar Export Tower on Trade Day 

  • March. 2017

    The company is awarded Prize of President of National Tax Service on the Taxpayer's Day.

  • Nov. 2016

    The company makes a business agreement with Unitech Kühlschmierstoffe GmbH

  • Apr. 2015

    Vietnam branch is established.

  • Mar. 2015

    The company exports cutting oils for manufacturing metal case of smart phone to Samsung Electronics, Vietnam for the first time in Korea.

  • Oct. 2014

    The company is awarded KS Certification Grand Prize for World Standards Day

  • Nov. 2012

    The company makes an agreement on the guideline on hazardous chemical substances. (Federation of Korean Metal Workers' Trade Union)

  • Oct. 2012

    The company develops non-metal processing oils.

  • Jul. 2010

    Changed the name of DH Chemicals to Donghomoolsan Co., Ltd.

  • Feb. 2010

    The company develops oils for drawing cans which are used for secondary cell battery


  • Jan. 2007

    The company introduces OLEX brand and registers trademark.

  • Dec. 2005

    The company achieves sales of 10,000 drums/year for a single item of punching oil

  • Sep. 2005

    The company develops grinding oils for bearing

  • Oct. 2004

    The company acquires ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications

  • Sept. 2003

    The company develops punching oils for nano-plasma.

  • Dec. 2002

    The company renovates factories and the research center.

  • Feb. 2002

    The company invests in SANGHAI TECTYL OIL & CHEMICALS CO., LTD.

  • Aug. 2000

    The company acquires KS mark for the industrial lubricants (KSM2126, KSM2127, and KSM2129) (hydraulic oil, machine oil, gear oil)

  • Dec. 2000

    The establishment of R&D center is approved.


  • Nov. 1999

    The company completes the development of business computer program (ERP (enterprise resource planning) & introduces the computer system for the work.

  • May, 1998

    The company expands the production facilities (blending tank and etc.)

  • Jun. 1995

    The company is designated as a promising small business

  • Dec. 1993

    The company renovates the laboratory

  • Apr. 1990

    The company expands the production facilities (blending tank and etc.)


  • Mar. 1985

    The company acquires KS mark for cutting oil (KSM 2173)


  • Nov. 1976

    The company makes a technical tie with Daido Chemical Corp of Japan

  • Aug. 1975

    Dongho Mulsan Co., Ltd is established.